Campaign Strategy & Copywriting for Non-Profit


CONTRIBUTIONS: Campaign strategy & concept, campaign copywriting, art direction, account management

The story

Each year my employer, Derse, Inc., offered volunteer services to Milwaukee Animal Alliance, a non-profit group seeking to pair animals scheduled to be euthanized in overcrowded shelters with their forever homes. Typically the project involved designing a poster campaign to be utilized by the group over the next year. I was asked to spearhead the campaign for the year 2014, to incorporate local celebrities who had agreed to have their photos taken for the campaign, and to emphasis the concept of “Adopt Local.”

Knowing how important “local roots” are to the people of Wisconsin, I pitched a campaign that connected loving Wisconsin to loving and adopting the animals of Wisconsin. The concept was warmly received and went on to inspire a whole series of posters featuring adoptable pets with local celebrities.

The result

While Milwaukee Animal Alliance did not offer statistics on the success of the campaign in terms of number of new adopts, the campaign did receive quite a bit of positive local press—one of the group’s other objectives:

CBS58 coverage of the campaign
Milwaukee magazine coverage of the campaign

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