Ghostwriting for Sales Consultant


CONTRIBUTIONS: Story design, content development, ghostwriting copy, editing copy, creative direction for jacket design, project management for publication of paper and digital product, marketing consulting

The story

Successful HR startup founder Kimberly Patrick wanted to upshift her business into high-end sales consulting for spiritually-oriented female entrepreneurs. To launch this initiative, she wanted to create a book that simultaneously tell her compelling life story and sell her sales development process to potential clients. I oversaw the project from beginning to completion, with less than 60 working days available to get the project ready to debut to a women’s conference where Kim was speaking.

I began by coaching Kim to get her story down on paper, then took everything she had written and reorganized it into a coherent narrative. We broke the narrative into chapters, and I began to write each, with feedback from Kim. For each chapter I developed study questions as well. Once Kim had approved the content, I worked with a designer to lay the book out for print and Kindle publication. I also creative directed the jacket design and oversaw the deliver of the final print product.

The result

Kim’s book debuted to considerable acclaim in the female entrepreneurial community, including topping multiple bestseller lists on the day it released, and earning (to date) more than 30 5-star reviews. 



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