Award-winning Event Experience for Healthcare Industry


CONTRIBUTIONS: Ideation, project storytelling, sales presentation, creative direction, engagement design, project management, copywriting, production

The story

For the Healthcare Exhibitor Association’s 2014 show, Derse executives wanted to leverage a small budget to revive a show presence that no longer seemed worth the financial expense. I pitched, creative directed, and co-produced a campaign called “Sincerely Yours,” which would surprise and delight attendees of this small show with a personalized “message in a bottle” and the chance to write an interactive letter to their future selves—which Derse would deliver at a later date.

The results

Not only was the campaign a huge hit at the show, but it won a coveted SIZZLE Award from Exhibitor Magazine and netted more than USD $450,000 (AED 1.5 million) in sales. Plus, by delivering the letters, Derse scored a natural follow-up opportunity with each attendee at multiple points throughout the next year.


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